ZBrush 2018 Update

ZBrush 2018 Update

So Zbrush 2018 has landed and if you haven’t done so yet, go and grab your free update as there is a few awesome features that you’ll want to check out, believe me!
Notice that this is not name Zbrush 5, this is because they are getting rid of the naming conventions, the folks over at Allegorithmic has done the same thing for both substance painter and substance designer, and Autodesk has been running with his for a while now. Going this route is more consumer friendly and simple, a good move overall!

Sculptris Pro

So what’s new? Sculptris Pro is the centrepiece in the Zbrush 2018 update, as you sculpt your geometry is updated in real-time using an algorithm Pixologic calls tessimation; which is an enhanced version found in Pixologic’s Sculptris application. Once sculptris pro is enable, within every brush stroke, Zbrush will dynamically add tesselate polygons or you can dynamically remove it by holding shift and sculpting, this will enable artists to focus entirely on the concept that they are working on and not worry about polygon distribution.


There are now numerous deformers for us to play with, a total of 19 added in the 2018 update, bringing the tally to 27 deformers, each of these deformers is unique in essence, allowing you to alter the shape of the geometry on the fly, this wouldn’t be possible with the brushes provided. Chief above the new deformers is the Project Primitive deformer, which allows you to reshape, cur through or build geometry on a mesh using multiple primitive objects, allow you to create more complex shapes.


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