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create 3d character - zbrush and maya tutorial
Maya Tutorials Zbrush 4R8 Zbrush Tutorial

Zbrush 4R8 tutorial for Maya users – HighPoly

3D instructor Andrew Silke at Create 3d Characters has created a mini character series which seeks to help Maya users make a transition to Zbrush 4R8. He goes over some core Zbrush features including blocking out, dynamesh, sculpting techniques, displacement maps and more. It’s also worth to noting that he touches on rendering with different rendering plugins, these are renderman, arnold and redshift.

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MM44 Part 2 – Mech Hard Surface Modeling

MM44 Part 2 is the latest in a long series of hard surface modeling tutorials by Chauliac Romain, a CGArtist from France. In this episode he teaches how to texture a high poly mecha using Substance painter and also covers UDIM. I’ve followed Chauliac for awhile now, and this is an artist that knows his stuff,…